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After a long and busy Christmas season, Santa decided that he needed a well-deserved break. He longed for some peace and quiet, some adventure and fresh surroundings. So he packed his suitcase with warm clothes and left with his wife for a relaxing holiday in the majestic Alps.                                                                                                                                                                                   

After all, what could be a better place for Santa Claus to get some rest after all those busy months than in the mountains? He has booked a cosy chalet, where there is a fire crackling away in the fire place, a hot tub and panoramic views of the wonderful, snow-covered mountains. If you look carefully, in the distance you can see the bright-red gondolas of the ski lift. The chalet also has a Christmas tree decorated with red and white Christmas baubles, adorned with hand-painted folkloric patterns, and the sofa is covered with inviting cushions and warm throws. Ah, it will be so lovely here with Mrs Claus, enjoying the amazing views and the pleasant setting of the Alps. Love is sure to blossom between them once again.