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In a faraway land, where everything is always in the thrall of winter, there stands an enchanted ice castle. It is dazzlingly beautiful, a castle such as you have never seen before, above which the heavens change colour constantly, from pale blue to soft pink and lilac, and where everything you look at turns to ice crystals. A magical Christmas tree stands at the entrance, with white, iridescent and silver branches. The tree is stunning and loaded with translucent baubles with glittering, icy details. With its icicles, Swarovski hanging ornaments and iridescent pearl chains, this tree immediately catches the eye.                                

The Winter Queen, her diamond crown on her head, sits on her throne of ice. Her elegance and her surroundings are truly dazzling. When she snaps her fingers, all sorts of extraordinary animals appear at once. A white snowy owl, a white hart, white penguins wearing tiny silver crowns and even snow rabbits come to her.